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Appliances are meant to make life simpler by preserving and preparing our food, cleaning up after us and handling tasks we don't want to do or don't have the time to do on our own. When an appliance breaks down, food spoils or housework doesn't get done. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to bounce back from the housework that is piling up.

Factory Trained & Certified Technicians

One of the most common questions our appliance repair specialists hear is, "do I really need a certified technician?" In reality, there are some things you can probably do on your own to improve the lifespan of your appliances. These tips should help you determine what you can do on your own and what needs to be done by a specialist.

General Troubleshooting

Several appliances need free-flowing air or water to operate properly.

  • If your dryer is taking too long to dry, there may be a clog in your dryer vent. Next, make sure that the exhaust, behind the unit, is unobstructed to the outdoor vent.
  • If your dishwasher isn't working, it could be because of a clogged drain. Be sure to regularly clean away debris from the drain, and check to see if anything is blocking the path of the spray arms. Soap compartments should also be cleaned once or twice a month, to prevent buildup in the trays or on the doors.
  • Refrigerators depend almost entirely on their condenser systems. Dust and vacuum the condenser and coils to prevent buildup. Also, be sure that the cooling vents inside the unit aren't being blocked by food or containers.
  • Most new appliances are run internally by miniature computerized controls, sometimes, (like all computers) these may need to be restarted or reset. The easiest way to accomplish this is to unplug the unit from the power supply for a few minutes, then plug it back in.

If these types of problems persist, call us for our expert opinion and repair services.

When All Else Fails

 If you've tried your hand at the above advice and the problem persists, it might be time to call in one of our repair technicians. Make sure you explain what you've observed and what you've tried on your own, to our technicians; this can help us narrow down the problem faster.

Find the appliance brand and model number before calling in so we can be sure the technician we send has everything needed to finish the job.

Even if what you tried didn't work, the regular maintenance tips above will help prevent future breakdowns and should be repeated regularly.

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