Frequently Asked Questions

Preventative Appliance Maintenance Tips:

Knowing that there is a problem with your appliance isn't as helpful as knowing what the problem is or what caused the problem. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQ's) we have received from our customers. We hope the questions and our answers will help you prevent future damage to your appliances.

 Why does my washing machine smell like eggs or worse?

  1. If your washing machine smells like eggs, you are using too much detergent, the wrong detergent or both. It's a little more involved than that, but depending on the hardness of your water, most manufacturers recommend using about 1 Tbsp. of regular strength soap. If you have 2x strength soap, use 1/2 Tbsp. Unless you are washing extra dirty or greasy clothes, this will be enough soap.
  2. Experts also recommend you keep the door to your washer open when not in use. It doesn't need to be open all the way, which can be inconvenient for top and front loaders, at least 4-6 inches.
  3. If these 2 tips don't resolve the problem, there are some products that we can sell you, to clean the scent out. We usually recommend Machine Magic or Airfresh. Depending on how strong the smell is, you may need to treat the washer more than once.
  4. The scent is often caused by mildew or mold, which can take hold around the boot seal, causing discoloration, in addition to the scent. The discoloration is usually permanent, even if the smell can be removed. The discoloration won't stain your clothes or bring the smell back, nothing really needs to be done about it. If you would like to fix it for cosmetic reasons, you will probably need to replace the boot seal entirely.
  5. To ensure that the discoloration doesn't return, you can dry the boot seal at the end of each day's washing. Be sure to wipe off the glass, especially the seal area and inside the boot by carefully pulling it back and wiping both sides dry.
  6. You can add an extra rinse option at the end of each load. That alone will go a long way to preventing your washer from going rancid.
Why is my refrigerator not cooling after I clean the condenser?

Sometimes, when customers try cleaning the condenser of their refrigerator, they accidentally bump something into the fan blade on the motor that cools the compressor. To fix it on your own,
  1. Roll the refrigerator out and remove the back panel
  2. Look at the fan blade to see what's stuck in it
  3. Remove the obstruction
  4. Reattach the back panel
  5. Wait a few hours
It's a simple fix, but once the fan is engaged again, the refrigerator will cool down quickly.

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