In 1997, I was a young mother of two with a third baby on the way. I was doing everything I could to help support our growing family, including tight budgeting. My husband and I were put in a bad situation when our washer broke; in our financial state, we did not have the means to hire someone to repair it. With a strong determination that only a desperate mother would have, I decided to disassemble the washer and fix it myself. To my surprise, I found that the job came naturally to me, and I had the machine running and cleaning baby blankets in no time. From there, I went to my local appliance parts store and purchased a stack of repair books. I studied them and began collecting broken appliances that needed to be repaired. Using the information in the books, I taught myself how to diagnose and fix various appliances.

My husband and I would list the newly working appliances in newspapers and ultimately found a new source of income for our family. After two years, by word of mouth, I began to have people call and ask me to fix their broken units. I stayed busy, working evenings and weekends while raising my six children. In 2006, my husband and I branded and created what is now known as “Albuquerque’s leading appliance repair company”. Sarah's Appliance Repair has successfully completed over 70,000 repairs and currently services New Mexico and Eastern Idaho.

To me, I have the best job in the world because I have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many wonderful people like you. I have met some of my closest friends because of my company, and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s only because of our loyal customers that Sarah’s Appliance Repair is the successful company it is today. Thank you for the past and future opportunities we have to serve you.