Two Essential Appliances for the Kitchen: Refrigerators and Stoves

The first two appliances added to kitchens in any form were refrigerators and stoves. The refrigerator consisted of a 2-tiered box with a door, with ice above and food below, to keep food from spoiling. A wood-burning stove with a cast iron cooktop up above it served a dual purpose in both warming the house and cooking food.

Today, refrigerators and stoves have become much more sophisticated, but they still do the same jobs—one preserving food, the other cooking it. Both have become vital to daily functioning in the home, arguably more important than any other home appliance. The advances in modern technology have made refrigerators and stoves larger, more efficient, and safer to use. They have also simplified life by cutting down measures needed to preserve food and speeding up food preparation.

When Something Goes Wrong

As advanced and user-friendly as both refrigerators and stoves are these days, when they start having issues or break down completely, the problem typically isn't the kind of thing an owner can repair on their own. We know that a broken appliance not only disrupts your routine but also just how difficult it can be financially (that’s how we got started in this business, after all).

Because we do understand all of the frustrations that come along with a malfunctioning or broken appliance, we strive to provide the highest quality of service at fair prices and in a timely manner. Our team of certified technicians has the training, skill, and experience needed to work on both the old and new kitchen technology, and we are ready to come to help you with your refrigerator and stove repair needs!

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