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October 3, 2016
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When we purchase appliances, it is always a costly investment, which is why we want to last as long as possible. Not only that, placing a service call can become costly if an issue that could have been solved in a matter of minutes is left to aggravate. While Sarah’s Appliances offers some of the best appliance repair prices in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it also strives to help all its customers fix minor problems themselves. This is why they have provided a couple of simple tips to follow to ensure proper maintenance of your drying machine.

How Your Drying Machine Works

You basically have a cylinder that starts rotating once you start a cycle. Air, which will be heated at a certain temperature depending on your selection, is blown in the machine and eventually makes them dry. The hot air is then evacuated via the exhaust pipe.

Keep It Clean!

Accumulation of debris in the lint trap can cause the machine to overheat, but that lint can catch fire, so you need to be very careful. Clean the lint trap after every cycle and make sure you check the pipes every once in a while and vacuum them if necessary.

Checki For Damaged Equipment

Run your hand around the edges of the door when the dryer is working. If you feel a lot of hot air coming out, you may be dealing with a damaged door gasket, which prevents the door from closing properly.

Don’t Overload It

Thinking that the last pair of jeans you stick in won’t have any effect on your dryer? Think again. Overloading your dryer can prevent the clothes from drying properly and can also damage the rotating mechanism. When in doubt, you should do two drying cycles and split your clothes in two.

If you run any issue that you are unable to solve, be sure to give Sarah’s Appliance a call if you are in need of a dryer technician in Albuquerque. They will make sure your drying machine is up in no time at a fair price. Be sure to visit their website for more information.

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