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October 3, 2016
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With the advancement of technology, many refrigerators are now available, depending on your taste and needs. Sarah’s Appliance, an appliance repair company in Albuquerque, is used to dealing with different types of fridges every day. Sarah’s Appliance specializes in home appliances repair and has summarized the common types of refrigerators available out there.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Contrary to the first type, Side-by-Side refrigerators feature fridge and freezer compartments next to each other, both taking up full length of the appliance. Both are also opened from a door in the middle of the fridge. This type of fridge is good for narrow kitchens, although the space available is reduced. Bigger items like frozen pizzas might not fit horizontally in this type of fridge. This model tends to be a little more expensive than basic Top-Freezer or Bottom-Freezer basic models.

Top-Freezer and Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

These two types are the most commonly used refrigerators. They have a lot of room to store food, and the freezer section makes up about a third of the unit’s size. The name is pretty self-explanatory: the freezer will be on top or on the bottom of the fridge depending on the model you choose. These two types of refrigerators cost less money than other models, though Bottom-Freezer fridges are a little more expansive than their Top-Freezer equivalents, and the freezer opens like a drawer instead of a door.

French Door Fridges

Combining side-by-side design with a bottom freezer, French Door refrigerators offer the best of both worlds, as they contain wide shelves in both sections. Most models offer water and ice dispensers. These advantages come at a price, as French Door refrigerators are among the most expensive models available.

Although many other models are available, the three models listed above are the most common ones you will come across. If you have any questions about different models of refrigerators or if you need to refrigerator service in Albuquerque, get in touch with Sarah’s Appliance today.

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