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October 3, 2016
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October 3, 2016

New technologies emerge on a daily basis in every area. The same thing is applicable to appliances for the kitchen. One of these modern advances is induction food preparation. Employing a magnetic field and unique cookware, an induction cooktop will be able to cook a good meal in just a few moments, while a traditional range would have taken a long time for a very similar outcome. Despite the fact that induction cookers currently have several positive aspects, they are subject to problems just as much as any kitchen appliance. That is why Sarah’s Appliance, an appliance repair specialist in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has prepared the following set of typical problems with induction cookers. Be sure you give them a call if your personal problem is not on the list, as Sarah’s Appliance specializes in home appliance service.

Induction cooker turns off during cooking

This can happen for many reasons. It could be because of the automated shut-off function. Change the automatic shut-off feature using your instruction manual. Another cause might just be that instrument has exceeded an overly high temperature. Be certain that the vent gaps are not obstructed.

Induction doesn’t turn on

The control buttons could be locked. Set the controls to unlock it. See the instruction manual if required. Make certain no fuse has blown and no breaker has tripped.

Element far too warm or is not hot enough

Check your current control setting and raise/lower setting until the wanted temperature is attained. Make certain you are using flat-bottom cookware and not warped pans and that the cookware you are using is not going to influence the heating on the induction stove.

Element cannot heat the food

Once more, many factors can lead to this problem. Perhaps it is a result of a lack of electricity to the induction stovetop caused by a breaker or fuse issue. The cooking control settings can also be improper. The cookware you are currently using is probably not made for induction cooking. It may also not be placed properly. Make certain that the cookware surface area is lying totally on the induction cooker surface.

If it happens that the situation you are encountering with your induction cooker is not listed above, or if perhaps the tricks supplied cannot allow you to correct it, call up Sarah’s Appliance immediately for fast appliance repair in Albuquerque.

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