Disruption of Supply Chain for New Appliances

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June 18, 2020
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Sarah’s Appliance Repair is Still Here to Help Amidst the Challenges of 2020

COVID and Supply Chain Disruptions

To say that 2020 has drastically impacted each of our lives is probably a massive understatement. COVID-19, along with other unexpected events that have occurred so far this year, have profoundly affected how we operate in our day-to-day lives, from the ability of our children to attend school to how we socialize with friends and family or how we operate our businesses, and many other things. One area which has affected individuals and businesses alike is the disruption of the supply chain in many industries. And we’re not just talking about toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Many industries have taken a hit, including the supply chain for new appliances. 

Disruption of Supply Chain for New Appliances

The Harvard Business Review released an article at the end of February, stating that they were predicting that COVID-19 would cause massive disruptions around the world to various types of manufacturing operations. Their prediction was that those disruptions would peak in mid-March. This could force thousands of companies to either temporarily slow or shut down their operations. However, in a Source Today article put out on April 8, 2020, the author quoted Financial Times. They said, “Shortages and components of raw materials because of the coronavirus are likely to be far worse than expected, with most US companies unaware that they are exposed to Chinese factories idles by the outbreak.” They seem to have been right, as months later, we are still witnessing ongoing supply chain issues. 

The home appliance world has been no exception to being hit by this disruption of supply chain. Electrolux and other manufacturers have faced slow production and shipping delays. In addition, many stores that sell home appliances are struggling to get and keep high-demand appliances in stock. Even parts for repairs have been hard to come by for many. According to Material, Handling, & Logistics, “Those industries that landed in the highest risk category included tools and hardware, electronics & appliances, auto parts OEM, building products, diversified chemical, and industrial specialties” [emphasis added]. This supply chain disruption has truly been a hardship for manufacturers and appliances stores alike. Most importantly, we know it has been especially frustrating for consumers like you who have been affected as a result. 

We’re Still Here to Serve You

Despite the supply chain struggle, at Sarah’s Appliance Repair, we are grateful to report that we are able to continue providing home appliance repairs. And thankfully, we are able to get most parts we need to do so. There are a select few parts which are on backorder and have delayed shipping times. Thankfully, our suppliers have been able to remain stocked up for the most part. Also, because of more people being home, our services have been in higher demand, so our days book up a little faster, but we are still striving to respond to repair calls as quickly as we can at a time most convenient to you. Amidst it all, we continue doing all we can to provide the best service and high-quality appliance repairs to our customers in need. You are our top priority.

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and happy.


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