Lacanche Ranges

The story of Lacanche ranges dates all the way back to the 18th century and is rich with history. Originating in the Lacanche village of the Burgandy region of France, Lacanche ranges have continually developed and progressed over time and have come to be known for their aesthetics, their customizability, and their incredible functionality.

Lacanche allows you to design your range right on their website, choosing from a wide variety of features and accessories. They go beyond that, however, and Lacanche even offers cooking classes to help you put your new range to good use.

However, even though Lacanche ranges are top-of-the-line in their industry and the company provides great options and customer service, just like any home appliances, they will still require regular maintenance to continue operating smoothly and may also require repairs from time to time.

Lacanche Appliance Repair in New Mexico

When a high-end appliance such as a Lacanche range begins to experience problems (or, in some cases, stops working entirely), it can be quite frustrating. It can be difficult to discern if the issue is mechanical, electrical, or something else entirely and it will most likely be a complicated process to have it fixed. The safest—and probably most cost-effective—way to take care of the issue is to have an appliance repair professional take care of it.

At Sarah’s Appliance Repair, we are proud to be an Authorized Service Center for Lacanche ranges and provide both preventative maintenance and repair work. We are more than happy to help if you are in need of maintenance or repair for your Lacanche range.

If you have a Lacanche range and are in need of regular maintenance or repair work for a problem it's having, we can help you with it. Call us at 505-835-1927 to schedule your service call. We look forward to working with you!



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