Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel is a well-known home appliance manufacturer based in Auckland, New Zealand. It was started by Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher in 1934. Fisher & Paykel is known for its innovation and solution-focused approach and they have grown significantly over the years, now selling their products in over 50 different countries.

Today, Fisher & Paykel produce a wide variety of high-quality home appliances, including the following:
  • Ovens, cooktops, and ranges
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and wine coolers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Dishwashers
  • And other home appliance accessories.

These high-end appliances are built to run well and to last. That being said, there may still be times when you need to have your Fisher & Paykel appliance receive maintenance or repairs.

Fisher & Paykel Appliance Repair in Albuquerque, New Mexico

It can be pretty frustrating when a high-end appliance like a Fisher & Paykel appliance starts having problems or even stops working entirely in some cases. Moreso, it can be hard to figure out if the issue is due to a mechanical or electrical problem, or something completely different. It might also be a complicated process fixing the issue. Therefore, the best solution is probably to have an appliance repair professional remedy the problem. It will most likely be the safest and most cost-effective option as well as the most likely avenue to prevent the issue from becoming a huge headache.

At Sarah’s Appliance Repair, we are an Authorized Service Center for Fisher & Paykel home appliances and are able to provide both repair work as well as preventative maintenance. We schedule around what day and time works best for you and we strive to provide repair and maintenance services in a professional and timely manner so that your daily routine is interrupted as little as possible.

If you own a Fisher & Paykel home appliance and you are in need of either regular maintenance or a repair for a problem your appliance is having, Sarah’s Appliance Repair is here to help! Give us a call at 505-835-1927 to schedule, and we’ll have your appliance running smoothly before you know it!



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