The first 2 appliances added to kitchens in any form were refrigerators and stoves. A 2 tiered box with a door, ice above and food below, to keep food from spoiling and a wood burning stove with a cast iron cooktop up above it, to warm the house and cook food.

They've gotten more sophisticated, but they still do the same jobs, one preserving food, the other cooking it, and both are vital to the home, more important than any other appliance. The advances in technology have made refrigerators, stoves and ovens larger, more efficient, and safer to use, but the technology isn't the kind of thing an owner can repair on their own.

Our team of certified technicians have the training, skill, and experience needed to work on both the old and new kitchen technology.

If your refrigerator, freezer, stove or oven are giving you any trouble, we can get them working again in no time.

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