6 Tips for Organizing Your Freezer The Easy Way

Hidden Danger: Hot Food in the Fridge
April 30, 2024
Hidden Danger: Hot Food in the Fridge
April 30, 2024

6 Tips for Organizing Your Freezer The Easy Way

Freezers can quickly turn into chaotic spaces if left unchecked. Frozen chicken on top of frozen fruit can create a mess and leave you wondering what you ACTUALLY have in your freezer for dinner tonight. Here is our user-friendly guide to organizing your freezer! 

The Great Freezer Makeover: How To Organize Your Freezer

Tip 1: Start From Square One 

Unload everything, and we mean everything onto the floor or counter. Get rid of any old, expired, or that plastic baggie that could be salmon or could be frozen mango. Give your freezer a deep clean with a wipe or a rag. 

Tip 2: Sectioning

Sectioning by food category helps things become easier to find when you need them most. Creating sections in your freezer helps you know exactly where each item belongs in your freezer.

Tip 3: Clear Labeled Containers 

Clear containers help you see what’s inside and labeling them makes finding ingredients that much easier so you can get to making your morning smoothie faster.

Tip 4: Arrange Vertically

Arranging your items vertically clears a path so you can access items easily. It’s a simple yet effective freezer drawer hack for organizing your freezer.

Tip 5: Vacuum Seal 

Vacuum sealing helps you save space and keeps your food fresh longer by removing any excess air.

Tip 6: Door Shelves Are Your Best Friends

Your door shelves are perfect for your most accessed items. Door storage can be perfect for meats for weeknight slow cooker dinners or frozen veggies for meal prep. 

Use this guide the next time you need to organize your freezer.

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