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Proper refrigerator maintenance can help increase the lifespan of your refrigerator.

Many would agree that the kitchen is the heart of a home while the refrigerator is the heart of the kitchen. Is it not? The refrigerator is more than likely the most used appliance and the largest consumer of energy in the kitchen. In order to reduce energy consumption and keep the refrigerator running, it is essential to keep it clean and up to par.

Here are 5 proper refrigerator maintenance tips to help reduce energy consumption and keep it running:

  1. Check the door seals
  2. Keep coils clean
  3. Clean the inside
  4. Check temperature
  5. Keep it filled

Check the Door Seals

Make sure the door seals are tight and free of food remains. Try to clean the seals twice a year with a small brush (toothbrush) and a mixture of baking soda and water. Now if cool air seeps out, then energy will be wasted and the fridge will have to work harder than it already needs to. To make sure your seals are up to par, try the dollar-bill test: Close the dollar bill in the door so it’s half in and half out. If it slips out easily, then get the seals checked by a pro.

Keep Coils Clean

Condenser coils are used to get rid of heat released from the inside to the outside air. If these coils are covered in dust, then the refrigerator can’t run efficiently. It’s important to clean coils twice a year by pulling the machine away from the wall, unplugging the refrigerator and vacuuming them with a brush attachment.

Clean the Inside

Cleaning the shelves, doors, and walls of the refrigerator monthly can keep germs and bacteria from reaching the food. When something spills in the fridge, clean up right away. It also helps to clean out your fridge so you’re not keeping anything that is expired or molding.

Check Temperature

Make sure your refrigerator temperature is between 37- to 38-degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer is at 0 degrees. Checking the interior temperature helps the refrigerator operate at it’s best.

Keep it Filled

Believe it or not, refrigerators need thermal mass in order to maintain the low temperatures it needs to keep food and drinks cold. When the refrigerator doors open, cool foods and drink absorb warm air which makes your fridge work harder. If your fridge is usually never filled, fill it with empty bottles to help with the thermal mass.

Just like human hearts, it’s important to keep our refrigerators “healthy” and running. By doing these 5 easy refrigerator maintenance tasks, your refrigerator will have a long life and help reduce energy consumption.



  1. Deb Pearl says:

    Thank you for all the fridge maintenance tips. My husband and I just got a new fridge and we would love to keep it in good condition. I liked your tip about checking the door seals, and cleaning them with a small brush. We will have to give that a try!

  2. Amanda Drew says:

    I like your point to make sure that your doors are sealing right. Mine has recently been freezing things that are in the back of the refrigerator while keeping things in the front the right temperature. I’ll have to find someone who can repair my fridge for me.

  3. Bethel Smith says:

    I never realized how important it is to have to your seals checked frequently. We have had the feeling that our fridge has not been running up to the efficiency levels that it should. We will be sure to have someone come take a look to ensure that the seals are in proper condition.

  4. Burt Silver says:

    I like what you mentioned about checking the door seals on the refrigerator. Maybe that could be the problem I’ve been having with my refrigerator. I’ll have to look into getting an appliance maintenance professional to take a look at it and see why it isn’t cooling my things well enough.

  5. I like your advice on making sure to clean the seals as much as you can on your own. Lately our fridge has a hard time staying closed and it is really frustrating. We will likely have to have some repair work done soon.

  6. Jay says:

    I didn’t even know that the fridge had cooling coils to begin with! That is honestly pretty cool to learn how a fridge works, I use it every day after all! I wanted to ask if there is anything that I can do to prevent the build up of dust if I can?

  7. John says:

    I liek your tip to check door seals. You wouldn’t want to waste energy on a leak. I’m always telling the kids to close the refrigerator since it costs me money.

  8. Thanks for explaining some tips that can help a refrigerator last longer. You mentioned you need to clean the coils about twice a year. I’m interested to learn if you can clean the coils with conventional cleaning materials or if you need special tools.

  9. I had no idea that having a full fridge actually helped keep the cold in better. My fridge is older, so I’ve been wondering if I should replace it, or repair it. Regardless, these tips will help me take care of my appliances in the future. Do you have any tips for when you should choosing repairing an appliance over replacing it?

  10. It’s great to know more about keeping a fridge running. I didn’t realize that the thermal mass was key to keeping the fridge working correctly. Ours has been acting up recently, so after we hire a pro to come and do some repairs, I’ll be sure to keep it filled!

  11. Errol says:

    Thanks for the wonderful manual

  12. Evie says:

    It works quite well for me

  13. Good place to read blog entries. Love your stuff

  14. I like that you mentioned the importance of keeping the ridge filled. This is a wonderful way to ensure that it is working well for a long time. My sister might like knowing this as she looks into a freezer room contractor.

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